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European Riverboat Cruising has become more and more popular in the recent years. Small luxurious riverboats usually hold less than 200 guests to provide an intimate cruising experience. These smaller boutique ships have all of the amenities onboard that you would need to make you feel at home. These cruises allow passengers to get close-up and personal to the local culture since you can cruise inland. You will have the opportunity to visit more cities and traditional villages in the region. Fall cruising offers a rich experience with changing foliage, harvests and festivals. There are also cruises available that visit multiple countries and can last several weeks, however, the average cruise is apporoximately one week long.

WLCVacations has several luxury cruise operators that you can choose from. As always, WLCVacations is also available to customize your cruise. We have access to land tour operators that can provide private tours to areas that you may be interested in visiting before or after your river cruise. WLC Vacations has put together a variety of incredible luxury cruises that are located in some of the most amazingly beautiful parts of Europe. Now is the time to take the family and fully capitalize with a vacation of a lifetime!

The country of France is a country that has been known to seduce travellers with its culture that is woven around cafe terraces, village-square markets and lace-curtained bistros with the plat du jour (dish of the day) chalked on the board. Its beautiful country landscapes are simply breathtaking. France is rich in history – so there is always sites to see. Experience the culture, food, and couse the wines of France. This is a destination that all must see.

Springtime is the most glorious time to discover the natural, cultural, and culinary wonders of Germany and the Netherlands. This cruise through the Netherlands and Germany will definitely delight your senses. Experience the numerous highlights of this region as you travel on the Rhine and Main rivers, from canal-laden Amsterdam to Frankfurt. At this time of year the countryside is exploding with lush color, especially the world-famous Dutch Tulips. Combine the natural wonder with timeless works of art from Van Gogh and centuries old castles and cathedrals.
Discover the diverse pleasures of la dolce vita. Experience the timeless, water-bound Venice which is home to world–renowned architecture and iconic canals. Take a trip to see all of the sites and sounds that Italy has to offer. All of which a very rich with Renaissance and Gothic wonders. Italy is the known as the birthplace of the Renaissance. It has given the world a splendid legacy of art, architecture, music, and poetry. You will also discover Northern Italy’s superstars of Renaissance and Gothic treasures: Padua, Bologna, Verona, and Ferrara.

Cruising the Douro River Valley is definitely impressive. There are miles of pristine scenery that are dressed with terraced vineyards and olive and almond groves on the hillsides that rise almost straight up from the river. Some of these vineyards are hundreds of years old. As you travel up river into Spain you will stop to visit all of the historical sites along the way. One of the best things about a Douro River cruise is the unspoiled scenery and fascinating towns, monasteries, and gardens.
Take an unforgettable voyage through the heart of Russia with a panoramic overview of Moscow. Witness the colorful onion domes, with its stark Soviet-style architecture and other majestic and historical sights. Get a chance to take part in guided tours of the Kremlin and the elaborate underground Metro system. In St. Petersburg – said to rival Paris and Venice for grandeur and romance – you will tour the city and visit the Hermitage and its world-renowned art collection.

These magnificent rivers run from the North Sea to the Black Sea. There are a number of cruises that fall into this category – you have the option of exploring the Northern region which includes Germany and the Netherlands. The central region includes Bavaria and Austria while the Southern region includes Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. You will get the chance to visit cities, towns and natural wonders of Europe. Visit the capitals of Hungary, Serbia and Romania plus towns in Croatia and Bulgaria, and see the region’s dramatic scenery. These epic voyage offers a wealth of wonderful experiences.