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The Mediterranean is fast becoming one of the most popular areas to visit in Europe. Included in this region are the Greek Islands and the Adriatic coast of Italy and Croatia. It is a blend of ancient history and antiquities, as well as, lots of sun and surf. There are many beautiful beaches and villages that offer a large amount of holiday options. Theres no question, this region has it all. This allows repeat travelers to enjoy the area again and again, while still discovering new places.

You can discover the history of this precious area or spend more of your time in the turquoise, crystal clear waters. You can snorkel or scuba, make friends with dolphins, ride thrilling zip lines or visit historical ruins, or you can just enjoy the tropical sun on the white-sand beaches. Merditerranean winter cruising has become more popular because for the most part the skies are sunny and the temperatures are more moderate, ranging from the 50's to 70's.

WLCVacations has several small ship luxury cruise operators that you can choose from. As always, WLCVacations is also available to customize your cruise. We have access to land tour operators that can provide private tours to areas that you may be interested in visiting before or after your river cruise. WLCVacations has put together a variety of incredible luxury cruises that are located in some of the most amazingly beautiful parts of the Mediterranean. Now is the time to take the family and fully capitalize with a vacation of a lifetime!

The Greek Islands are known for their sunny weather, crystalline water, white-washed architecture, millennia-old ruins, white-sand beaches, and cuisine that is fresh-from-the-sea. These islands are scattered like jewels in the sparkling Sea. Here you can experience romance, history, and relaxation. Travel to the different islands by small luxury yacht with new ports of call every day.
This region shows off its megalithic temples, ornate churches, Old World streets, and hilltops. Discover the sparkling Mediterranean seas, and the breathtaking rural landscapes that make up the natural beauty of South Italy and Malta. In Southern Italy you will enjoy a scenic Amalfi Coast, a top vacation destination. Cliffs rise dramatically above the sea and while villages cling to the cliffs, making for spectacular scenery.