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Cruising in North America is rapidly becoming very popular with the avid travelers. The beauty of North America is not to be underestimated. From Alaska to the Sea of Cortez there are many areas that retain their own magical landscape. In Alaska you can enjoy many adventure tours that include activities such as kayaking, paddling, and snorkeling. You will discover the mountainous ranges and the diverse wildlife. From whale watching to snorkeling with sea lions in their own surroundings, you will never find a dull moment. North America cruises offer a bounty of wildlife, stunning landscapes, modern history, and unforgettable nature adventures. You can even visit the wine country of the Pacific Northwest.

The Sea of Cortez, off the coast of Mexico, is a long body of water embraced by mainland Mexico and Baja California. The islands in this area are home to numerous species of unique plants and animals. There are a number of species and abundance of marine mammals in this region. These are some of the reasons why people who love whales, dolphins, seabirds and desert environments take vacations to this unpopulated and exciting sea. A new popular cruise is along the Columbia & Snake Rivers. These cruises focus on the rugged beauty, history, culture and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. Follow the famed Lewis & Clark expedition, experiencing deep river canyons, lush forested slopes and sparkling waterfalls to majestic snow capped volcanic mountains and the remote high desert country.

And of course... Hawaii! On these cruises you can expect nothing but gorgeous. exhilarating days kayaking at the face of a cliff or through a lava hole, watching marine life gracefully leap or skirt around your skiff, and engaging and learning from the hearts of locals.

Looking for a fun family adventure or a romantic honeymoon getaway, a cruise of North America offers something for everyone!

Alaskan cruises are great for family and adventure seekers. In winter the northern lights color the sky and in the summer the sun circles the horizon. See how the Alaskan Natives have continued their traditions for centuries in the stretches of land the remain undeveloped and scarcely populated. The wildlife is phenomenal. For those that love to be in the outdoors these cruises are a must. Take a look at the small ship cruises we have put together in Alaska.

Explore the culture and wildlife-rich waters on a Hawaiian adventure cruise. The fresh, floral air will quickly invigorate you. Right away you will discover that there is no place on earth quite like Hawaii and it's surrounding islands. You will be overwhelmed by the dramatic cliffs and the vibrant shores. You will be overtaken by the white sand beaches that line the islands. The dolphin friendly waters are crystal clear and very inviting. If this is your first trip to Hawaii, you will find that you will need to visit more than once.

Mexico's Sea of Cortez is one of the most important and fascinating bio-regions in the world. It is a great tourist attraction for Mexico. There are many different beaches, cities, towns and islands. Much of the area is comprised of protected reserves, but there are also important tourism resorts. The reason this small sea is home to so many species of fish and other marine creatures is basically because it has a food supply that is so abundant.

US NORTHWEST CRUISES (Lewis & Clarke Route)
There is a growing interest in adventure travel, national parks, and wine & micro-breweries. The Pacific Northwest has been attracting a large number of travelers every year. This region stretches from Oregon to British Columbia. The wilderness here is nothing short of pristine with huge areas to explore from coastlines to mountains. Discover the commanding peaks and forested islands. This is a great trip for all of those that are looking for ideal hiking to those that want to spend their time taking in all of the attractions.

Be prepared to discover some of the last true wilderness in North America. You will enjoy all of the adventure from kayaking, skiffing, and hiking. Experience the ancient rain forests, untamed wilderness, and First Nations peoples on this trip. To the east lie the vineyards and orchards of the Okanagan Valley. You will witness the stunning Princess Louisa Inlet and much more on these adventure cruises.