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There's nothing like a quick getaway to chase away the winter blues. When you start to feel that you haven't seen the sun for months, it's time to pack and follow the sun and warmth! WLC Vacations has put together a variety of incredible small ship and luxury yacht cruises that are located in some of the most amazingly beautiful, tropical and historic destinations. You can escape to enjoy sunny beaches with smiling people, exotic scents and new tastes. Now is the time to take the family and fully capitalize with a vacation of a lifetime! Explore the cruises below and find a trip that interests you! Time is running out so don't wait to book your adventure soon!

Mediterranean & the Greek Islands
A great destination during the cold winter months to visit and enjoy the warm climate. Great night life – incredible historical sites. Well-known for their sunny weather, crystal clear waters, white-washed architecture, millennia-old ruins, beautiful beaches, and fresh-from-the-sea cuisine, the Greek Islands are scattered like gems in the sparkling Aegean Sea. A vacation to this destination will offer you history and much relaxation.
This is a destination that all must see.
The Seychelles Islands
Discover this secret gem in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles islands will make you feel like your living in a dream. There are 115 coral and granite islands rising from the Indian Ocean that make up this pristine hideaway of white-sand beaches. They have awe inspiring majestic granite cliffs, palm-fringed jungles, and astonishing crystal clear blue waters. The Seychelles is an great way to escape for those who can afford all that gorgeous privacy.
Hawaiian Islands
Plan a getaway to the "how-can-you-go-wrong" Hawaiian Islands. Enjoy sunshine and beautiful beaches and the colorful Hawaiian sunset. Hawaii overflows with natural beauty. The Hawaiian Islands are basically crowned with soft sand beaches and miraculous volcanic cliffs. Take advantage of the long days of sunshine and fairly mild year-round temperatures. Traveling to Hawaii is as close as an American can get to visiting another country while staying within the United States.
Galapagos Islands
Consider a trip to Ecuador this winter! Exotic to say the least! This discovery cruise will not leave you disappointed. The Galapagos Islands will allow you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see wildlife that can not be found anywhere else on our planet. As soon as you arrive upon the dazzling shores, you're confronted by giant tortoises that are quietly basking in the sun. You will see lava lizards darting between rocks, and frigates swooping overhead. Anyone that gets a chance to walk among these unique creatures will never forget the experience.
South America Cruises
A cruise in South America could be just what you need this winter. Whether it's an Amazon adventure or a trip to Chile's Patagonia, South America offers a variety of vacation possibilities to meet any of your desires. Experience the cultures of the indigenous peoples, mainly the Tehuelche and Mapuche.
The Wonders of India
India is one of the world's most ancient civilizations, boasting thousands of years of history. A great destination for all to explore its wonders, tradition and beauty. Nothing can prepare you for the architectural and awe-inspiring beauty of the country. We have cruises that will take you on the Hugli or the Ganges river. Take visits to villages, towns, temples and monuments in little-known but fascinating and culturally rich part of India, on foot, by cycle rickshaw or minibus.
Vietnam, Cambodia & the Riches of the Mekong
Consider a trip to Southeast Asia and discover the elegant colonial architecture and ancient. Breathtaking landscape and natural beauty. Discover their buzzing cities, world-class cuisine, and dramatic landscapes. Vietnam has a distinct character from Hanoi up north, to Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta down south. One of Southeast Asia's most resilient peoples.